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HSLDA’s Curriculum Market will be Closing!

HSLDA created this site in 2006 in response to membersí concerns about the policy of other auction sites that were not allowing the sale of teacher or instructor materials. Since that time the other auction sites have modified their policies to allow the sale of such items. As a result the usefulness and amount of activity on the HSLDA Curriculum Market has been decreasing. In an effort to better serve our members in other areas, we have decided to close the market.

Effective immediately, no NEW auctions will be accepted.
The site will remain open until the all current auctions have finished.

Listing and Prohibited Items Policy  •  User Agreement

Important Note About Registration

Make sure your email spam-blocker allows mail from hslda.org (if you need a specific address, use webmaster@hslda.org but hslda.org is better). If you don't, you will not get your password for the site or emails about auctions you are watching/bidding on.

Important Notes About Payments

If you are the successful high bidder on an auction that has closed, please visit the My Auctions page, and choose My Bids from the list of tabs along the top, and then Winning Bids in the Change View menu. If you are paying with PayPal, you can then click the Pay with PayPal button to send money to the seller. Note: make sure you have worked out the final price, including shipping, before sending the seller money! Remember that your final bid generally does not include shipping cost.

If the seller does not take PayPal, please contact them to work out the proper payment arrangements.


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